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Book Review
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

Read, laugh, and enjoy a collection of lyrical poetry and beautifully illustrated drawings as you listen along with the audio CD. Let your imagination take you to wild and fun places as you read about animals jamming in the forest around a campfire, building a tree house, Toffle the Grumpy tomcat, fishing, friends, and many funny stories to joyfully enhance your day.
Wilderman's Treetop Tales, written and illustrated by Chad Elliott, is a delightful collection of lyrical poetry and stories which introduce readers to the wild aspect of the imagination as well as teaching them that incorporating lyrics, music, illustrations, and poetry can make for an exciting, stimulating, and fun experience. Author Chad Elliott has outdone himself by incorporating music, poetry, stories, and illustrations all into one book. This allows for different kinds of learners to enjoy the book. A visual learner can enjoy reading the hard copy themselves, while other learners can enjoy the book and music being played and read to them.

There is truly something for every kind of reader to enjoy. The text is very well written and displayed throughout the book, making it comprehensible to young readers. The audio CD, although sold separately, is a must-have addition to this book. It enhances the experience of reading these wonderful stories and poems greatly, and is well worth the small fee to purchase alongside the book. This book is recommended for young readers between preschool age and those in the 3rd grade.
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